Analyzing the authenticity of stamps and coins with a microscope



Buying coins, banknotes, and stamps is a tricky endeavor if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Even though there are many pawn shops you can get all of these items from, they often sell them at a too high price for a beginning collector. If you intend to get your coins and stamps online, you need to make sure that they’re genuine. So, how can you do this? In theory, you would need the opinion of a specialist to determine whether or not your collection is valuable or not. However, I’ve seen that most of the people who are interested in finding this out are more into the whole idea of making money on their collections, which brings me to the idea that they don’t have a real passion for numismatics or philately. This gets to bother me a lot, of course, as I’ve been collecting these things for over a two decades and money makers are getting on my nerves.

One site you can use is Find Your Stamp’s Value but since nothing comes for free in life, you’ll have to pay for every value assessment process.

Another method I personally prefer is using a microscope. You don’t need a fancy one. You can even have a handheld USB model that can be plugged into your computer or laptop, depending on the device that you’ll be using. Once you’ve done so, you can look at your stamps and coins in far greater detail and see how time has affected them. With coins, it might be a bit trickier because you need to check whether or not they have scratches. Sometimes, the material they were made of might have been affected by excess humidity, and so the color changes in certain areas of the coin.

Banknotes and stamps are somewhat easier to tell if they’re real or not, in that you can at least look for things like stains. Nevertheless, a rookie like me isn’t the perfect person to ask if you’re looking to assess the authenticity of your coins, notes, and stamps because I mostly do all of this out of sheer passion. I enjoy spending my time using a basic microscope to look at all of my collectibles.

As for the price of the device, I don’t think you have to worry about too much. Most of the models that let you use software to take pictures of your collectibles usually cost less than one hundred and fifty dollars. You can even get a used one if you aren’t worried about it malfunctioning in the future. In short, it seems to me that it’s a useful tool to have around if you’re really into numismatics and philately.

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