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As a stamp and coin collector, you have to nourish your love for your passion once in a while. That’s why I use my spare time to do a bit of research on the topic and learn as much as I possibly can about stamps, in general. The wonderful internet is always here to help me, and I’m in awe by all the amazing things that I come across every week.

Some of the most valuable stamps have been on my mind for quite some time. It stands to reason that, since I have been collecting for a number of years not, I have become acquainted with some of the world-known stamps out there. However, there are some sites that still manage to surprise them. One of these has a well-documented article about the most expensive stamps sold both in the United States and all over the world.

From what I gathered, it appears that one of the priciest stamps is that which contains the portrait of Benjamin Franklin that was issued in 1867. There are only two stamps available in the world and each of them costs close to one million dollars. I can only assume that few people have the money to purchase one.

To my surprise, the stamp that was issued in 1869 and commemorates the Declaration of Independence is far more affordable, if I can call it that, than the one that I was mentioning above. It costs under $300,000. You’d have to pay the same money to get the stamp depicting the landing of Columbus, which was also issued in 1869.


In Europe, one of the most valuable stamps out there is the Baden 9 Kreuzer Error from 1851 ( see above). Given the fact that there are only four copies in the whole world, it costs close to one and a half million euros, which in dollars might be about $1,700,000, I think. Even though initially, these stamps were supposed to be painted in pink, due to a mistake, they ended up with a green tint.

In the UK, there’s a stamp that’s now worth one hundred and thirty thousand pounds, but it initially cost just thirteen pence. The thing about is that it featured some flowers, the value, and the head of the queen. Because of an error, some stamps didn’t get their value printed on, and there are only three that exist in the world. One of them is owned by Queen Elizabeth the IInd herself and the other two are in the hands of other collectors.

To find out if you might already be the owner of a rare stamp, you might have to go through the collection of letters that your parents or grandparents might have left you. If they’ve kept the envelopes, you might be lucky enough to have a handful of stamps from the beginning of the 20th century. If they’ve also saved some of the letters of their parents, your collection might even be more valuable.

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